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Fun Things to Do in El Paso

Author: Otto

Fun Family Activities for...

As the year draws to a close, it gets more and more difficult to find things to do in El Paso. Whether you’re having family over for the holiday season or you’d simply like for your children to get out of the house during their break, Bob-O’s Family Fun Center can help. But let’s face […]

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Race Friends and Family...

Bob-O’s Family Fun Center is well-known across the El Paso area for its go-kart tracks. Come by, bring your family or friend group and get behind the wheel of our go-karts. Nothing compares to the freedom one feels while zooming past friends and rivals on the track. You can feel like a NASCAR driver or […]

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Unbelievably Original Birthday Parties...

As we age, birthday parties become more and staler. The usual group visits the regular restaurant followed by drinks at the bar everyone frequents. But think back to your youth, that era where the sky was brighter and your dreams had no finality. Now, if you’re planning your child’s birthday party, you need to put […]

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