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Birthday Arcade Fun At Bob-O’s Family Fun Center!

The great thing about birthdays is that they’re scattered across the year. If you’re planning for a birthday party, Bob-O’s Family Fun Center has all the best activities for the birthday child and their friends to enjoy! Right now, it might be a little chilly to splash in our bumper boats, or the wind could be a bit much for go-karts. However, you can stay nice and warm inside with pizza and arcade games!  

Keep Your Mind Sharp With Arcade Games

In our previous posts, we talked about the health benefits of go-karts and mini-golf. Well, arcade games have their advantages as well. In the current global situation we’re in, we adults need a break every so often. We’re sure that your children probably feel the same. Luckily, arcade games have proven to reduce stress levels. Taking some frustration out on a game can bring a little mental peace for you. This has also proven to help reduce physical and mental pain for both children and adults. 

Fun For Adults And Children

As adults, arcade games can give us some nostalgic feelings and bring us back down to being a child again. It can serve as a great distraction and have us relax a little. 

As for our little ones, arcade games help them build cognitive skills and hand-eye coordination. Learning how to think on the fly and improve their decision-making skills will help them with other tasks. Working with multiple concepts at once, the controls, what’s happening on the screen, and thinking of what to do next all go into arcade games. 

Avoid Cravings With Arcade Games 

We all want to devour some birthday pizza and cake, but there’s only so much for everyone! Putting a focus on a challenging arcade game can reduce some of the cravings we get. There’s so much going on that your body doesn’t slip into boredom or anxious emotions that typically cause overeating. Reducing the amount of stress from playing also helps curve those eating pains as well.

Book The Best Birthday Party At Bob-O’s Family Fun Center!

We’re always ready to celebrate a birthday here at Bob-O’s. Our catering and birthday packages make it easy for you to have hours filled with fun. If you’re looking to plan your next big event, then give us a call. We can arrange the date and make sure your birthday child and friends have one to remember.

Our new hours of operation are as follows: 

Sunday – Thursday 12pm – 7pm

Friday & Saturday 12pm – 8pm

 **Hours of operation may be affected by COVID, please call ahead**

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