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The Top 3 Health Benefits of Mini Golf

Bob-O’s Family Fun Center has the best-rated mini golf course in El Paso! Our Boulder Creek Miniature Golf Course can get the entire family involved in some friendly competition, while manifesting mental and physical health benefits. Mini golf is known for providing families of all ages with numerous benefits that you may not have known or realized before. From the youngest children to El Paso’s seniors, get them up and moving along when you come to visit Bob-O’s Family Fun Center! 

1) Cardio and Exercise 

With many of us inside, we’re probably working from home, or the kids have been glued to their gaming systems. Getting the family to visit Bob-O’s Family Fun Center can provide some much needed fun, while providing upbeat, full-body exercise at our mini golf course. It may sound unbelievable but playing mini golf can burn up to 300 calories per hour! This goes for our seniors as well. Getting them moving with some light movements and can do a lot of good with their regular exercise routine getting thrown off with recent events. 

2) Mental Learning and Health 

Family Enjoying a game of mini golf

Mini golf helps to develop and improve hand-eye coordination and motor skills. From children to adults, adding a little practice can help with everyday tasks. Kids will also learn how to plan when angling shots, how hard to hit the ball, and how to time their shots in order to avoid obstacles. Kids will also have to know their additions and subtractions when figuring out total scores and how above or below their par turned out. This can also improve memory when keeping a mental count of how many strokes it took per hole.

3) Bring On The Laughs 

With everything going on, it’s good to bring the family out and have some laughs. Bonding time with the family may feel like it’s missing without family trips. So, this is a perfect way to recreate some of those moments. Smiling can change your mood in an instant, and adding in some fun competition can work wonders. 

Since there’s a big difference between mini golf and regular golf, people of all ages can have some fun and surprise each other at our exciting mini golf course. Bringing the silliness and excitement will make it all that much better. With every hole designed differently, you’ll have to get creative to try to get that hole-in-one. 

Bob-O’s Mini Golf: A Hole-in-One of Fun!

So, how are you going to win? Bring your family and friends over to Bob-O’s Family Fun Center! We have new guidelines to stay safe regarding COVID-19, but still maintain all the fun. Give us a call today to book your birthday party or come by for a few hours of family excitement.

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