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Birthday Party Planning 101

Birthday parties are only a portion of what makes the event so fun. Planning the decorations, the theme, the birthday cake, the guest list and the activities leading up to the event is what makes the party all the more fun! You don’t have to use your savings account and take time off from work to make a birthday party an extravagant one. Even the simplest of parties can remain one of the most memorable points in your life. Although, simple and more intimate parties require planning as well. The sooner that you start organizing your party, the earlier that the excitement is commenced and there will be less work that you have to sort out in the day itself. 

It’s without a doubt that the birthday child will want to incorporate ideas of his/her own in their party. Don’t forget to involve the ideas of your little one’s mind! Don’t be afraid to allow your child to pick the theme, accompany during your decoration shopping, and take part in the cake baking. After all, the birthday party is for the birthday boy or girl, so it would only be necessary to let them do some of the decision-making. This also helps take some of the workload off your back and you won’t have to be stuck between choosing ideas! There’s always some pleasure and bonding when you work with your child to make a birthday party of a lifetime. We have some guidelines and important steps for you to follow to make your birthday party planning a smooth ride! 

Stretch Out The Guest List 

Make sure your child’s friends and parents/family members are free on the date of their birthday party. If you want your child to light up and be filled with joy, this is important to consider. You also want to think about your child’s classmates. Make party essentials and party bags that both girls and boys can equally enjoy. If you are not planning on adding classmates to the guest list, the rule of thumb is to ask as many kids as your child’s age plus one. Don’t forget to take into account the activities you are planning. You want to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the activities that will be available at your child’s birthday party. If you are planning to incorporate team games, a larger and even number would work best. 

Time-Frame to Send Invitations 

It is ideal that you mail out the birthday party invitations at least three weeks prior. This time frame is optimal because it gives your guests enough time to plan and they will keep it in the back of their mind, simultaneously. It would be best to not allow for your child to distribute invitations at their school, within their classroom. You do not want to receive any complaints from the parents of classmates due to not being invited to your child’s birthday party. It is important that you remember to include the date, location, and R.S.V.P information. Include any other useful information such as whether they will need a swimsuit or towel and if lunch or dinner will be served. If you’re filling out a bunch of invitations manually, you become susceptible to making a few written errors, so it is important to be mindful of that. In addition, don’t hesitate to call parents for clarification of receiving the invitation— after all, invitations can get lost in the mail!

When to Schedule The Party 

It is important to consider scheduling the party where your child will be in their best state. You don’t want them to nod off or become moody because they are hungry. Scheduling a party after nap time usually works best for toddlers. Scheduling a party during lunchtime is usually optimal for preschoolers. For older kids, timing is less of an important factor, therefore, you can be more flexible with the time of day! In addition, don’t feel like you have to keep a party running for hours, especially with little ones. Toddlers and preschoolers do best with parties that are kept from an hour to two hours at most. Two to three hours is best for kids that are a bit older and don’t get tired as easily. 

It is also important to consider the time of year to host the party! Something that needs to be taken into consideration is the climate of the environment you live in. You don’t want to host a party outdoors during the wintertime if you live in a forest-like area, where the cold thrives. You want your guests to be comfortable and look back on your party as a flawless experience. 

Host a Birthday Party at Bob-O’s Family Fun Center

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