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Fun Things to Do in El Paso

Cool Off This Summer at Bob-O’s Family Fun Center

If you could describe the city of El Paso with a single word, it’d be “hot.” It seems like it’s always hot here, whether it’s the first of January, Thanksgiving, or the middle of summer, El Pasoans can expect at least one day out of the week to be scorching hot. It’s no surprise, then, that El Paso’s is often known as the Sun City. So, how are El Pasoans to cool themselves off during the hot summer months? Lucky for you, Bob-O’s Family Fun Center has everything you need to cool off while having fun! Keep reading to learn more about what we have to offer.

Cool Off With Our Bumper Boats

We’re sure you’ve heard of bumper carts but our bumper boats take the same concept to the next level. Hop aboard your very own boat. From the driver’s seat, you’ll be able to control where you want your boat to go. Oh, and did we mention you also have your very own water gun attached to the front of your boat? Not only can you bump into your friends, you can also shoot water at them! It doesn’t get more fun than this. This is one of our most popular outdoor activities and it’s perfect if you’re looking for a way to cool off after a long, hot day!

Test Your Luck at Our State-Of-The-Art Arcade

Another way to keep your cool while having fun is by testing your skills in our state-of-the-art arcade! Young and old alike can spend hours in the arcade, reaching high scores and amassing large quantities of tickets. Of course, our arcade is air-conditiod so you’ll feel cool and fresh while having near limitless amounts of fun. Once you’re ready to go home, don’t forget to trade in your tickets for our excellent prizes!

Laser Odyssey, El Paso’s Largest Laser Tag Arena

If you want to take your fun to the next level, then we welcome you to Laser Odyssey. Laser tag is an incredibly fun and interactive way to spend your time. See who has the best aim, who’s the most stealthy, and who can tag the most people before time runs out. These are just a few of the many exciting things you can do when you visit Bob-O’s Family Fun Center. Gather your friends and family and come on down. You’ll be able to cool off and have as much fun as possible!

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